Refractory defects


It’s an alteration of the corneal curvature.

At retinal level, images arriving at macula region are overlapped and the patient sees a halo around the objects he/she is looking at. […]


The axial length of the eye is greater than that of the eye which does not require corrective lenses (emmetropia).
The patient has bad sight at a distance because the ocular […]


It is a natural process of the eye coming with aging.

We focus objects at near and at intermediate distances using crystalline elasticity.

With age, the lens gradually loses its capacity to […]

Ocular pathologies


The crystalline is a lens placed behind the pupil.
The lens loses transparency with aging due to alteration of the constituent proteins.
The loss of transparency leads to a progressive […]


Diabetic patients can incur in diabetic retinopathy that has different degrees of severity. The patient depending on the degree could need medical therapy, retinal laser treatment, intravitreous injections or vitrectomy.
Neglected […]


Il glaucoma è una malattia oculare in cui il paziente ha un aumento della pressione oculare.
Solo in caso di un aumento veloce a valori molto elevati si ha dolore oculare, […]

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