M. Antonietta Palomba

Ophthalmologist in Udine and Cividale

I always wanted to be a doctor.

I decided to specialize in ophthalmology after being a patient for a long time. My experience made me understand what it means to fear for your eyes and your sight.

This pushes me to keep myself constantly updated and to be interested in everything new and better I can offer my patients.

The continuous updating is necessary.In these years technological innovations have been enormous and consequently the approach to many ocular pathologies has radically changed.

Attendance at the Ophthalmology Clinic of Trieste as an internal student since 1988.

Degree in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Trieste on 27/2/1990 with marks 110/110 cum laude, degree thesis related to use of iridotomy yag laser in ophthalmology.

Specialisation in Ophthalmology at the Ophthalmologycal Clinic of Trieste 19/12/1994 with grades 50/50, specialisation thesis about the use of fluorophotometry in ophthalmology.

I work as an ophthalmologist in health districts and in my private practice since 1994.

I am bilingual Italian/Norwegian. I also speak English, French and I have a good understanding of Swedish.

We offer 30 years of practice and study in the field of ophthalmology supported by continuous updates to give you a courteous and attentive service concerning your needs and interests.

My story

A conscious choice, a job that fascinates me.
A continuous stimulation thanks to non stop medical and technological progress.